Outages In The Cloud - Part II - Causes, Faults & Responses
Many of the documented cloud outages of 2012 include mea-culpa's from the service provider or their customer whose application or service failed. Study of these show how differently service providers ... Read more
Dell Boomi Exceeds One Million Cloud Integrations per Day
Application integration used to require consultants writing specialized code to pair up CRM with ERP in an enterprise.  Now that has been supplanted by visual tools that provide a 'drag n' drop' expe... Read more
SigInt: A new feature on TheCloudist blog
Stands for 'Signals Intelligence' which when first used, probably in the OSS era predating the CIA - the gathering of intelligence through the interception of electronic communications. Suffice it to ... Read more
New Cloudist Series – Outages in the Cloud - Part 1
1st installment of a multi-part series on outages. You have read all the reports on every outage as they occurred in 2012. This series will attempt to make some sense of it all, the causes, effects a... Read more
Cloud Media: A new Cloudist.com Category
        TheCloudist blog will now cover digital media technology in the cloud. Some of the subjects we will cover: Photo, Video  & Audio Sharing CDN's Co... Read more
Starting January 2013, The Cloudist Newsletter will be available to registered members
Starting in January of 2013, The Cloudist Newsletter will be available for registered members on the blog. This newsletter will be linked from our media store as a downloadable or mime-readable PDF. F... Read more